Monday, 8 June 2015

PCT Day 20

Day 20
24 miles

Up for 5am and were all up. Were hiking in the dark and getting the 2 miles road walk out of Agua Dulce done. We get to the hills and begin ascending up. The sun is just beginning to warm the hills and I speed up trying to make as much ground as I can to avoid ascending climb in the heat. It's a slow climb but I eventually get to the top where we all regroup and descend to the water. It's a slow trickle and 2 other hikers are already there. There's a queue but once I have the water with my steripen I’m able to cleanse my water fast and am walking again swiftly. Wasps and flies swarm around the water so I’m glad to be away.

It a downhill walk and I arrive at a road. I pause to see to a blister then walk on and up again through the heat. I dodge the sun behind bushes every so often. Puss in boots and Gummi bear pass me but I eventually reach the top. To then head down and relax in the Oasis shade with Gummi bear. It's not really shady but it’s better than nothing. The couple join us and we all nap for 2 hours until 2pm. We snack on food and set off one by one. I decided to make my own way via the dirt track road which eventually meets the road. It’s all downhill which is lovely and it takes me about 40 mins until I hit the outskirts of the town. I walk past a dead racoon and keep going. I’m so happy this route worked.

I reach the town shop and head in. Two women are chatting at the counter and 3 kids are running around. I get a large pepsi, some milk, more sunglasses and a straw hat, finally - been needing this hat for a while. I walk on and make my way to Casa de Luna - hiker trash heaven. The roads are thankfully shaded by trees and I see an open front garden and it looks like heaven. Surprisingly it’s empty and I enter passing the tables and cushioned sofas, power plugs, recycling, stones which you can paint and a massive white sheet to sign. I head up to the door and ring the doorbell. A large guy with a slight beard answers and welcomes me. He points out where I can sit, the rules, shower with fresh towels and where to camp.

I chill for a bit pleased to have made it. I video call a friend and wonder where everyone is. I then have shower which is fed by a hose and heated by a gas cylinder. I wash my underware and me and chill out in the front garden. I clean my feet and sort out my blisters listening to Apocalyptica as the other roll in 2 hours later. So glad I road walked. I get amused verbal abuse from Gummibear who curses me and wishes he’d come with me now.

We sit around as everyone relaxing - the couple and Gummi bear get showers and we all wear hawaiian shirts. Mrs Anderson comes out and sorts tea. Nachos and dip, salad, sauce and cheese - all together and it’s satisfying. I obviously eat loads and then there is fruit. So much food! I feel good, my feet feel good. We all sit around chatting about hiking. Casa de Luna is such a lovely place it’s going to be hard to leave. We talk until half 9 - which is way pass hiker midnight and eventually peel off to bed one by one. Everyone is encamped round the back and I try to sleep on the large hammock in the front but can’t get comfy. I then eventually fall asleep on the random bed that's outside. I think I fall asleep at midnight before awakening at 4 am due to a small rain shower. It goes and I’m able to fall back to sleep and wake at 6am when the rain gets heavier.

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