Monday, 9 February 2015

Dragons Back, Hong Kong

 On le bus, wasn't exactly sure of the procedure of paying the driver as I didn't have a contactless travel card. I try to pay but the driver seems uninterested so I just shrug and get on. A local asks where I'm going and I say to the start of the Dragon backs trail. He nods.
We ascend higher and higher into the hills surrounding Hong Kong as I sit at the back and try to get my GPS to work on my phone, it's not playing ball. Then just as we get to my stop it finally kicks in, my bus friend confirms my approach and I hop off still having not paid for it.
 The trail is well marked and I begin clambering up some heavy steps and soon develop a marching pace as I go. 

 After 15minutes I reach a high part and can see the surrounding area to the east. An annoying smog is still present, I'm glad I'm breathing some fresh air, even if it will only be for a few hours. From here on out it is a gradual walk of ups and downs. I've done the hard part by walking to the upper part. I pass other hikers all varying between pro, tourist and a gaggle of somewhere in between.
 I plow by after collecting a few snap shots at the top. Walking along the top of the ridge I can definitely see why it's called the dragons back. It's all dry and sandy and coarse but good for walking on. It constantly goes up and down and overlooks the world down below. A fierce wind flies up over the open, slanted face of the mountain and meets me head on. I allow it to wash over me, evaporating my sweat away and onwards I go across this beast.

 I slowly descend and come under the cover of forest, a mixture of skinny bamboo and other trees and shrubs I don't know the name of lean in over head. The cast speckled shadows across my path and I enjoy the display.
 Soon I reach a fork in my path and have the choice of continuing on towards the town or walk down into the bay, to a beach called Big Wave Beach, very original. I opt for my rightward journey and descend - a lot, Walking down on stones and branches. I hear the sea before I see it and walk down through the little seaside resort. Body boards are available for hire and I can see why. A lush golden beach lines the bay, few footsteps interupt the wave caressed beach as surfers run and plough themselves at the sea. Few seem energetic as they float casually out near the buoy awaiting the big waves.

 I walk around the beach and check my phone. It says theres a path leading out and round the edge of the rocky hill. I head that way pleased I don't have to walk back up where I'd just descended. Of course my new route is heavy going up a mass of steps which gain height easily. I rejoin the original path and once at the top I go back down again.

 A medium size bird suddenly appears to my right, it's black and red and has a crested head. I fumble for my camera but as soon as its bobbed up it floats away
 Back to civilization again.

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