Twenty-something adventurer with a strong desire to venture out and see what the world has to the offer! Travelling when I can, exploring where I shouldn't be, sleeping in unfamiliar places and making memories along the way.

Long Story Short~

Since graduating University I lived in London and worked various jobs. These included a Pop-up cinema steward, cleaner, PA and Office Assistant. Once I'd gained enough money from these roles a friend and I set out to explore Europe in a tiny Renault Clio. My sister joined us half way and we had a blast!
- Photos and Ventures here!

South and East Asia
Next my friend and I decided to tackle South and East Asia, so with a week left till Christmas I buy my one-way ticket and we make our way around island hopping and border crossing.
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Whilst there I literally get obsessed with reading stories and blogs about the Pacific Crest Trail - a 2600 mile path up the west coast of the United States so....

Pacific Crest Trail
Next I find myself jetting off to Los Angeles and then to the Mexican Border where I begin my trek through the Californian, Oregon and Washington wilderness.
- Photos and Ventures here!

Obviously after doing all that I was in dire need of some money - I did work jobs in between but I needed a base and some solid, reliable income so I spent the Summer working in a hostel in the Yorkshire Dales. It was amazing and I learnt so much!
How to cook for 70 people, the quickest way to make beds, taught school children and was able to live in and explore a National Park. I was able to save and enjoy a few holidays too.

SO! What next?
 I was umming and erring about what to do next and my plans change constantly.
I'd always had a love of Japan and thought...Japan? Yeah why not!


I'll be keeping a Vlog of my Ventures here as well as on here.

New Zealand

After Japan I decided to head back to New Zealand. I lived there when I was 14 but was in school so I didn't see much of the country.
I made my way around by hitchhiking for 4 months.

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