Thursday, 6 October 2016


To Kosovo! So I walk to the bus station with Rba who is heading to Sofia. I get there to discover my bus is leaving in 30 seconds - I immediately buy my ticket, say goodbye and run out to the buses. I see it pulling out of the bay.
       "Wait!" I dive onboard and take up my seat relieved. I'm now on my way to Pristina. A few minutes later a man comes round to check the tickets. He gets to me and stares at my ticket for ages. He then asks for 5€ saying the ticket is wrong. my head a voice screams SCAM! What can I do?
I sigh and hand over 5€. A local man says I can use it on my return journey and that my ticket was wrong. Maybe the ticket booth lady thought I wouldn't make this bus so printed a ticket for the later one? I guess it didn't matter as I was on the bus. Still a part of me felt like I had Foreign Idiot on my forehead.
Alas the scenery that whizzed by in the distance was lovely as autumn was clearly beginning to take hold. Two hours later I found myself in Pristina, avoiding taxi men and walking to my hostel. It was a cool, relaxed place run by workawayers who were from all over. England, Denmark and the United States to name a few. I chilled for a while until I made friends with an Aussie woman who invited me out for a tour of the capital. She was a top level nurse and was taking some time out for herself. She had awesome dreads.

Monument of The Martyrs

Dorm from my bunk

Hanging out in the living room

European map of languages

I can't believe how cheap and trendy Pristina is. We make friends with an American girl and form a trio as we wander around. The sight seeing is swift and we end up chilling in a park on the outskirts. On the evening 7 of us go out for tea and the total cost is 12€! We order simple meals and not everyone gets a drink but still it's cheap!

One evening we go out to a club playing House music, not my choice of music but it's not bad. Everyone is allowed to smoke in the tiny club which after 2 hours of dancing I can feel my throat. As I lay in bed that night I can just smell a cloud of cigarette smoke hanging around me.

On the last day we head out to visit the Mother Teresa church as there is a view point from the roof. We take the lift up which we discover whilst in it that it only moves with a workers key - this we learn after the doors close and lock... Luckily for us, we have someone local who rings a number and speaks to someone who then speaks someone on site and within ten minutes the doors open and we're free. Our savour says he'll set the lift to go and down once allowing us to have a look from the top.
The weather is dismal but still we get a good view.

Two hours later I'm on the bus and have my 5€ ready. The exact change and this time it runs smoothly. Once back in Skopje I get the bus to the airport and stay awake till 5 am when my flight leaves. My mobile broke the first night in Skopje so I don't have anything to set as an alarm to wake me.
Mother Teresa

Protest from electric workers recently laid off
Newborn Monument

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