Thursday, 1 September 2016

Malham Tarn Wild Camp

So one evening I decided to wild camp above Malham Tarn in the Yorkshire Dales. I'd normally just cowboy camp but with the weather forecast to be pretty dismal I took my tent as well.
The rain wasn't due to hit until 18:00 so I set off an hour before to get set up. I'd spotted this location whilst out on a bimble with a friend so thought why not.

The clouds looked pretty foreboding as low mist hung in the air. I ascended the craggy hill which caused my feet to get soaked from the long grass. Pitching my tent on a flattish ledge over looking the tarn I relaxed bare footed. I chilled watching the white fog come and go over the water.
Birds called out randomly as the evening rolled in. I retreated to my tent as a layer of damp was beginning to cling to everything. I read for a bit - Eat Pray Love before falling into a nap. I woke at 22:30 to sound of rain falling. It fell for a good hour as I lay nice and dry completely content. Next came the wind which kept me up striking at my tent from all sides.

This was not as peaceful and I lay awake for the next hour trying to pretend my tent wasn't bending  in. Time passed over and soon did the storm. Poking my head out I was amazed to find that the fog and clouds had lifted to reveal a crescent moon shinning down over the glacial lake. I gazed out for long time and enjoyed the celestial beauty of the old hunting grounds.

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