Wednesday, 7 September 2016

3 days in the Peak District

My days-off were mid week and I'd gained a lieu day so with my 3 days off I decided to head to the Peak District. Finishing work at 22:30 I drove to the Lady Bower Reservoir arriving there at 1 am and rolled out my sleeping bag on the dam. It was a semi peaceful sleep once I got use to the water lapping up against the dam and eventually fell asleep.

Waking early I walked to the visitor centre nearby and brushed my teeth at the toilet block before heading to Stanage Edge - climbers paradise.


I headed out in a little circular route before returning back to Stanage Edge and then down in
Hathersage for some supplies.

 View from my cave room

 Robin-hoods Cave
I was the only person staying the night and it was bliss. I perched out before bed and took a few photos whilst enjoying the view from my private spot. Lights flickered from Hathersage and Hope in the distance. I could see a the cement factory, its red lights blinking. A low mist rolled in and swirled around submerging the whole village apart from the white industrial site. It looked like a castle.
I slept amazingly well snuggled down my sleeping and bivvy bag. There had been a slight wind outside but inside the cave I was sheltered.
Next I headed over to Hope and retraced my steps to a walk I did back in 2009.

I wild camped opposite Win hill and enjoyed the sun set. It was set to rain but thankfully didn't as I only had my bivvy. The sky for the most part was clear and starry - luckily.

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