Friday, 5 August 2016

Dales Way Day 2

Day 2
19.5miles - 31.4km

I woke at 5 am but dozed till 6 am. We were packed and gone just before 7am returning the chairs we'd kindly been lent. Since we camped a little earlier then we had planned we were playing catch up all day we set off through the dewy, water laden grass getting wet feet. Commuter trains whizzed by as we ascended to the road to then cross over the tracks. Over a road and into a field followed by rows of glorious farm houses. Through a field to then arrive at the first viaduct - Lowgill viaduct. We walked beneath it eating raspberries. Over Crook of the Lune bridge we then rose up the road and arrived at some cottages. We passed one called Half Island House which was stunning! A little river flowed through it's grounds and flowers were everywhere. We had a little break to eat and aired our feet. 

Next we headed up into a field to arrive at the Lune Viaduct - a continuation of the first viaduct. Glorious sunshine spilled forth as we passed into Millthrop which was full of flowers. Every garden was brimming with them. Up the hill and out of the village we ascended over fields with sheep. The opposite hill's sheep were being herded. We walked along the road naming as many of the original  150 Pokemon we could in 6 minutes. The road went all the way to Dent and we headed into the Sun Inn Pub for some grub. I had a tuna sandwich followed by a chocolate pudding. We took advantage of the WiFi and after an hour we eventually headed back on to the trail. It took us two hours to walk the four miles to Cowgill where we stayed at a campsite.


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