Friday, 1 January 2016

Top 10 places I've pro-hobo-ed

Top 10 places I've pro-hobo-ed

I've slept in quite a few random places and don't intend to stop.
Below I've listed a few of a favourite places so far.
  • Somewhere above Greek roads...

  •  A Gasometer
    A friend and I had a brilliant idea of sleeping inside a Gasometer which is basically a huge metal tank built for storing gas. Fortunately we chose one which was derelict. The reason behind this idea was to get some shots in daylight and the only way to achieve this was to enter under the cover of darkness so we decided why not spent the night too.
  • 23 Floors up in a French building site - Paris
    Whilst spending a weekend in France's capital city, my friend and I needed somewhere to sleep. Our first place had proven to be a failure in the pouring rain resulting in all our belongings to become soaked - included our thermals and sleeping bags :/ After drying them in a random Scottish pub we climbed our goal for that wkd. Only then were we able to fall into a deep sleep in a new development undisturbed 23 floors in the Paris financial district.

  • Pacific Crest Trail - in the American Wilderness
    I spent numerous nights sleeping in the American Wilderness which was amazing!

  • Under Paris in the Paris Catacombs ♥♥♥ J'adore~
    I never tire of falling asleep in my sleeping bag below the city streets of Paris
    . Nothing can quite describe being immersed in constant darkness as you fall asleep in and awake in it. The
    Catas remain at a constant 14 degrees so you rarely get cold down there.

  • Border of Albania
    We decided to sleep on the Montenegro side of the border before crossing into Albania. After having the car broken into - DSLR and SATNAV disappearing in one fell swoop, we were happy to be leaving Montenegro and be entering Albania.

  • An Abandoned Hotel over looking Lake Como
    I'd been to this hotel before and had to leave after the police were called (we weren't exactly discrete) so spent that night getting 2h sleep by the road. The next time I was able to get a full night of zzZ and awoke by the gentle heat of the sun.

  • Next to Budludjha Derp - Bulgaria
    This place was high on my places to visit in Bulgaria and we ended up sleeping beside it and making a huge fire to roast our food on.

  • Millennium Mills Roof
    This place is probably one of a favourite derelict spaces in London. It is so big and just sits there empty and watching time pass by. I was due to be leaving London soon and after a night spent exploring getting home at 2am. I then decided to walk 4 miles to the mill, sneak in and sleep on the roof - as you do...

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