Thursday, 25 June 2015

PCT Day 37

Day 37
Miles - 25

I wake up and pack up swiftly and silently. Since I cowboy camped I’m quick to stuff my sleeping bag and foam mat away. I leave before Melo and today I’m hiking up Glen Pass which is a gradual hike up sandy coloured rocks and passed beautiful lakes then its gets a little steeper. Strange little rocks hamsters scurry around and stare at me as I pass. I eventually get to the top and chill for a bit. There are no mozzies up here so I can actually sit still for once. I much down on gummy sweet and relax. Air traffic passes over head and I watch tiny matchstick sized people ascend and descend. Random splotches of snow are present but they’re not serious. I don’t need my crampons.

Sparkling lakes dance in the sun and I head down. It’s actually a really long descent down and I arrive beside blue lakes with water so clean. I can see trout and the large stones at the bottom. I pass by and the midday sun arrives. Even though I frequently pass under trees, the sun still feels incredibly hot. I pause for water and sun cream and still I descend down and down which means I’ll have to ascend again. I arrive at a wobbly one man suspension bridge. The gateway to Pinchots Pass - a 3500 ft ascent which my guide book says is easy. It’s not too bad at first and I pass the 800 mile mark but then the mozzies arrive and I can’t pause for breath, food or water without these guy's attacking me. I feel like a deer that’s been bitten by a Komodo dragon and I’m being followed and waited upon as I slow down.

I make very slow progress and end up camping two miles from the top. I quickly put up my tent and put my bear canister at a distant. Then I dive into my tent exhausted. All I’ve eaten today are snacks. I see the mozzies bouncing off my inner tent, trying to insert their needles. I watch them pleased they can’t get me. It’s not going to rain so I’ve only put up the one layer of my tent. I get out my roll mat and sleeping bag with difficulty and unzip it. I’m so tired and fall asleep swiftly.

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