Thursday, 18 June 2015

PCT Day 30

Day 30
Miles 0

I wake up and get up early at 6am. I sit on a wooden bench, write a letter home and watch the others slowly wake up. By 9am there are a enough people and we all head to Grumpy Bears, the owner of the restaurant down the road for breakfast.  There we treat ourselves to all you can eat pancakes and scrambled eggs and bacon. It tastes awesome but I can only eat 2 pancakes before I’m stuffed.

Afterwards we head back and all relax for the rest of the afternoon. I need a bear canister and instead of buying one you can hire one. Grumpy Bear said to come back at 1pm to see if the post had returned any to him. So I walk down with another hiker to see if any bear canisters had been returned but none had so I’ll have to buy one. We walk back slowly under an umbrella then we get a lift back from a kind local where we are able to sit in the hatchback. Back at Kennedy Meadows people slowly walk in and a few hikers hitch in. I see a few familiar faces and it’s a hikers birthday. Their parents posted two huge parcels with party hats, cakes, a few gifts and sweets. Then a local who lives down the road invites us over to his to play disc golf and continue the party other there. He is amazing at disc golf. It’s really hard to get the heavy Frisbee into the basket but great fun. Then Snakebite and a few others arrive as night falls.

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