Friday, 19 June 2015

PCT Day 31

Day 31
Miles 0

Up early I sit on the bench next to the store and update my journal. I’m the only one up apart from the odd hiker who wanders to the bathroom. I see a bike resting against a tree and decide to take it for a spin. I have no idea who it belongs to but it looks like it hasn't been used in a while(not that it makes it ok). I take off and speed down the hill. It feels great to be speeding along freely and weightless. There are no cars so I own the road cruising along. I return after half an hour and see another hiker on the bench now. I nod as I return the bike. Thank you to the bike owner who ever you are.

For breakfast I chow down on real milk and cereal and chill again for the day. This is my fourth zero day. I don’t feel bad and see it as a big break before I tackle the next section through the sierras. Slowly everyone from last night wake up nursing hang overs. Throughout the day more people arrive, others leave, Kyle arrives, everyone gets hiker magic and free chilli dogs are served. I soak my feet. I rummage through the numerous hiker boxes which are filled with stuff people have ditched in last minute attempts to lighten their loads. We then find some light romance novels and take turns reading them in our best French/British/Australian/German accents - Snakebite is particularly good at this.

I paid for my 97$ tab - which included a bear canister and pack my bag ready to head out bright and early tomorrow. My bag is brimming with the cannister…..
Then a small water fight breaks out as the store sold water guns. I eventually go to bed for 10ish. I actually aimed to leave that evening but that never happened.

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