Monday, 15 June 2015

PCT Day 28

Day 28
Miles 0

I sleep till 6am and it feels good. A few people have hiked out. Bigboyscout, Atellabun, 5fingers and Snakebite and one other are chilling outside. I pack up and chill with them. We debate to hitching to Kennedy Meadows then we all decide to hitch to the local shore and have a feast here today instead. Make a little Trail Magic for hikers arriving. A big red pick up truck pulls in and Bigboyscout heads other to ask for a lift and bingo, the guy agrees to take us all!  We leave our packs with a guy called Ted who is starting his hike from here even though he’s been here for 6 days. We pile into the back of the pick up and drive to Ridgecrest moving so fast and it feels so cool and refreshing on my skin as we speed along.

He drops us at store and I spend way too much - never g food shopping on an empty stomach. I buy sweets, chocolates, pepsi, chocolate spread, crisps and poptarts. People buy loads of beer and we head outside hoping for a hitch back. We eventually make a sign and after 20 minutes a guy pulls over for us. We thought we’d have to break it down into two lifts as there are 5 of us and about a dozen bags of food and drink. However by some fluke this guy has a 7 seater car which in empty. Perfect! We all fit plus all and the food.

We pile our shopping in the boot and clamber in. The guy rolls spliff as he drives and his tiny dog, Coco watches us apprehensively from his lap. He drives us back and then chills with us for a bit and we play cards and more people arrive at our party. Beers are drank and we migrate from tree to tree seeking shade. I nap a bit in the shade and realise this is my first Zero day since starting the trail. It’s a lazy day for everyone and only 2 people hike out. We are creating a vortex. People head out and buy more food as we eat sausages on the fire grill. They’re great to eat. We chill all day and then even more food and beer arrives, this time burgers. The day dissolves into the evening and more beers are drank down. The burgers are spiced with thyme and cheese gets added. It’s so good and we all eventually fall asleep, all cowboy camping in the night heat.  


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