Friday, 12 June 2015

PCT Day 24

Day 24
5 miles

I wake up at 7 am as everyone is slowly making a move. The hotel has a free breakfast (woop!) so I fill up on mini muffins, cereal, yoghurt, fruit, orange juice, hot chocolate, English tea. Snakebite and I then walk to the supermarket. I get 2 bags of food and chill waiting for Snakebite to collect her vegan friendly food. We hitch a lift back from a friendly lady who talks about the film Wild. Now here comes the task of packing my food into my bag which takes a while... It feels like I have so much food which is great but so so heavy. It is 130 miles to Kennedy Meadows! It’s better to have more food than not.

I chill with everyone in the room for a bit, writing, packing, interneting, reading and eating. I call home and chat to Mum and Dad who are fine. Then we all slowly head out. I go to the cinema and Puss in boots tags along. I get a 1$ hot dog and some cookies and sit down to enjoy Spy which was actually pretty amusing. Not that I was expecting it to bad or anything. Was nice to see British actors in it and be in the familiarity of a cinema. No matter where you are in the world when you’re in a cinema they can deceive you into thinking or back in your home country.

Afterwards we head out and make our way to the highway. A woman who own a shop selling antiques flags us down and offers to drive us to the trail. Yes please! We wait ½ an hour till she closes her store at 4 pm then we drive. It rains a bit but were in the car so it doesn’t matter. We arrive, sign the register and get on the trail. Due to the heavy rain, the trail isn’t so clear and we zigzag all over the place trying to suss it out. Then I climb a ridge and find it. Puss in boots follows then overtakes me. I’m slow as usual as I ascend the hill. I’m always slow in the afternoons. Rain splats down every now and again but nothing too heavy. Up and up I go and I make it to mile 573. Puss is at the camp site already. I have a few things to eat, put up my tent and climb into bed. We chat about this and that as night begins to fall. Then Cookie Monster from Chicago joins us. She says that the others are behind us and she wanted to make it as far as she could up the hill.


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