Thursday, 11 June 2015

PCT Day 23

Day 23
Miles 17

I’m up early and have to pack my whole tent away even though it didn’t rain. I’ve gotten use to cowboy camping and using my whole tent as a pillow. I’m walking by 5:45am. I’m slow at first as my feet warm up - they sit ache and I have to hike up a 2000 ft climb. The sun begins to peak over hills as I rise over the steeper ones. I pass a few hikers who’ve taken a break and get overtaken in turn by a few others. I look to the right and see the sun shining over numerous wind turbines. There are so many of them, most not turning yet in the feeble morning breeze. There are more to my left.

I ascend to the summit pleased to find Puss in boots and Kyle both chilling on seats beside a water cache which also has green apples. I grab one to eat and down a litre of water. Puss sets off while Kyle and I relax for a bit longer. It’s about 9 miles to the road and only another 500 ft to climb then it’s all down hill. I set off and reach the new wind turbines on the left and it feels like they’re multiplied. They glistened in the sun and I walk on. It’s lovely to descend and luckily  at this time of day this section is in the shade of the hill. Nearly all of the trees are burnt out, all black and dead. The green shrubs bloom with colourful flowers though.

I then start to descend. I’m wearing two pairs of socks which are working well to counter the rubbing on my feet. Kyle catches up in the end and we find Puss. It’s midday so we made good time. We start walking to layby to hitch a ride, thumbing every car that drives by. Amazingly it’s doesn’t take long for one to stop for the three of us. A large, white car pulls in and we hobble over to it as fast as we can. It’s a guy who is driving to Tehachapi who is fitting satellite dishes. We squeeze the 3 of us in and sit with our packs on our laps. His cars has electronic stuff everywhere.

We relax in the air con and it’s amazing to be moving so fast. It takes us about 20 minutes and we arrive in Tehachapi. He drops us at a junction and we head to a fast food joint. I buy a large burger and chips which pleases me greatly. It tastes so good….. We eat loads and start walking to a Great Western hotel. Then a random guy pulls over and offers to take us anywhere we want. We can’t believe our luck! He’s a day hiker and talks about the future water sources on the trail. He says they  are scarce….

We get to the hotel and get a room for 6 people. Snakebite (a lady from Australia whose names comes from being bitten by a snake in Australia) arrives just as we head to the room. We rock, paper, scissors for the first shower and I win. It feels amazing. We watch Planet of the Apes and chill as the others arrive. Some fit in our room while others get a second room next door. There are two double beds and others sleep on the floor. I head out with Snakebite for a look at the petrol station. It’s got a few snacks which we devour and decide to head to the supermarket tomorrow.

We then head into the pool. I sit half in half out munching on strawberries. Trying to get my fruit in for the day. We’re all planning on going to a grill house for tea, meat! It takes ages for everyone to shower and be ready but we eventually head out. It’s a mile walk away and then we find out it’s close about 15 mins earlier. So we just head to a greasy spoon place and takes up 12 seats. I get a tuna melt and chips….so good…. Then hiker midnight happens and we’re all so tired. A few of us pay and head back while others stay. I brush my teeth and crawl into bed. I’m awoken at 2 am by toothache which sucks. I take a paracetamol which numbs the pain and I’m able to sleep on.


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