Tuesday, 9 June 2015

PCT Day 21

Day 21
15 miles

Eventually I get up and move under the gazebo where another guy is, then Gummi bear and the couple appear. The rain having awaken them early too. We move stuff around and get things out the rain. Then Terrie our trail angel invites us inside for pancakes. Amazing! We all sit around watching the news as the dogs watch us eat. We chill and we’re all very slow to get ready.

Were off by 12ish and Terrie points out parts of the town and how close her home was to a forest fire only 2 miles away. She drops us off at the local market and gives us all tight hugs. I say goodbye to the others and buy some food to post to Kennedy Meadows. I get talking to 3 guy outside who are all scratching money cards. They offered me a ride so I accept and they drive me to the post office. I don’t remember all their names but one was called Eddie and the dog was called Amber. The post office is closed for an hour over lunch so we all go for a ride on a dirt track. We head a few miles down the road and turn off up a hill. Were sliding all over the pace. My seatbelt doesn't work so I just tuck it under my arms. We skid to a stop and can see the Mojave desert, more wind turbines and a salt dried lake. We chat about English and American things like brolly/umbrella and then we are returning down to the road.

We goes skidding all over the place, the dog being held thankfully by one of the guys. My bag is in the hatchback and is bouncing all over the place. My food bags have exploded everywhere. We have two epic skids and return to the post office. I dash in, pack my food and mail it. I buy some postcard stamps too. The guys drive me to the edge of town and plan to drop me off there. We speed there doing a ridiculous speed and leave our seats as he speeds over a bump in the road. I’m pleased to be heading off on my own. I say goodbye and start my road walk.

It's about ten miles to the trail then I notice another road that cuts out even more time. So I decide to take that. I try to hitch but no one stops so I just walk the whole route. It rains a bit but at least it's not too hot, not sunny at all. I watch a vulture eagle fly over, its huge. I walk pass large ranches dried out by the draught, they all look derelict. I reach the main road and turn left. Its half a mile to Hiker Town which is an actual town made for hikers. It's someones house and land with lots of self made wooden shacks and static caravans smelling of damp.

I wander in and sit down next to some hikers and eat my noodles and a poptart. I’m hungrier than I first thought. I check my miles and see I’m at mile 518. It begins to rain and then I see Puss in boots and we hang out. We retreat into the garage where there are sofas and a shower which I use. I’m so sleepy after my lack of sleep I begin to fall asleep right there. A few more people come in and chill before the lights go off at 9 - hiker 1am. It's pitch black in the garage. I drift in and out of sleep and it's so dark so I keep thinking it's later then is it. I need the natural day light to be my clock.


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