Saturday, 6 June 2015

PCT Day 18

Day 18
26 miles
We wake up and were all ready for 5 am. The other two go on up first and I trail behind. It was a monotonous hill and I luckily signal half way up allowing me to listen to Apocalyptica which takes my mind off the hill. I find a dirt road and walk on for a few miles before descending down to the PCT again. I meet a hiker called Walken - named because of his impression of Christopher Walken. We’d met briefly last night before he’d decided to night hike. We hike up the hill talking of America, England, hiking, eating and the campsite coming up ahead.

Once at the top we chill for a bit on the log and eat lunch, ready to walk the 13 miles down to the campsite. We keep talking of the campsite which is quite commercial with showers and pizza delivery. The sun is warming up slowly and I can feel it warming my face. We zigzag descending the hill and alarm a rattlesnake. We both jump and dart away. As the day goes on we get slower and slower and the miles take longer to complete. We go down and make it to the ranger station where a volunteer is working. There is a choice of pop cans and chocolate bars. I donate a 1$ and down a coke and Mars bar. The guy who seems lonely comes out to talk and has loads of valuable info about the trail and the surrounding area. We then chat in the shade for 20 mins about America.

It takes us ages to head to KOA campsite. I bash out the first 4 miles then slow down, the zigzagging back, round and down teasing me. As the crow flies the campsite is a mile away but on the trail it’s like 6 miles. I take off my shoes and chill and wait 15 mins for Walken to catch up. We walk barefoot for the next 2 miles and take a break, put our shoes on and get on the road then get to the campsite! It feels good to be there. We find Roadrunner and Noah - Rocky’s friend and leave our bags on the wooden bandstand which has plugs! We head to the shop and I buy a twix ice cream and chocolate muffin. Then Pussin boots arrives and we ordere pizza. I get a medium cheese pizza which tastes epic! Then go for an amazing shower my feet grimey as and then I get into my sleeping bag for 10pm zzz. I feels good to be still, well fed and soon to be asleep. I don’t set an alarm as I plan to take the morning off. I know I’ll still wake up early though.


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