Friday, 5 June 2015

PCT Day 17

Day 17
34 miles

Waking at 5 am I can hear Roadrunner and Puss in boots moving about. It’s till dark in the morning twilight. I can see Puss in Boots red head torch flickering between the trees. I could hear them dismantling their tents and then they were gone. Poptart was next and then I was next. I was swift to pack my tent and sleeping bag away and I was soon descending through the pine forest, the path ladened with rocks. My trusty Yucca stick setting the rhythmic timing that goes with walking.

It was a beautiful morning and the moon drifted lazily in the pale blue sky. I headed down to the road which lead back up to the trail but I decided to hike on the road. It was quicker and meant I would not have to go up or down needlessly. So off I went. It was actually quite nice walking along it at 6am with no traffic. Steep drop were on my left and a flat row of clouds lay in the distance. The trail crossed the road again but I stayed on the road. I headed through two tunnels and saw a stoney drain leading under them. I arrived at a picnic site, had breakfast and walked on, the next water source was coming up in a campsite. I pass a derelict ski lifts and old ski resorts as the sun slowly got warmer. A park ranger stopped to ask If I was OK, then said water was a mile away. Maybe he thought I needed help since I was walking along the road.

At the campsite I re-plaster my feet, brush my teeth, ate snacks, brush my hair and then Poptart and Roadrunner arrived. We chat for a bit then I walked on. I return to the road and eventually rejoin the PCT where I meet the 400 mile mark. I cross the road and chill at a car picnic place to devour a Mars bar. Walking on I pass a car with a lone Korean man who gives me some wine rice bread which is pretty tasty and I made my way back onto the trail. I walk up a few hundred feet and I’m pleased that the sun is omitted by clouds. I walk into a rattlesnake and retreated 3 steps back. It eventually moves after a minute but still rattles at me as it passed. Then I met a bigger one on a verge just above the path. I hop, skip and jump when I hear it, as you are a bit disorientated and unsure where they are at first. Luckily I saw no more.

I was about ten miles away from the water source - 34 mile day! I push on, the thought of snakes making me forget I’m climbing. Then I arrive into a beautiful green and flowery meadow and startled a trio of deer. I got signal and chat to a friend and send a few emails, 6 miles to go. I zigzag down out of the valley and eat gummy rings as I go. I’m getting close and very eager to end my 34 mile day. Down and down I go till I’m a few miles away and Blond Shadow turns up on time. I can see him behind flicking in and out of sight. I get to the water pump and filled up. Blond Shadow catches up and we chat for a bit before he night hikes on. I chat with a few hikers when Poptart and Road runner arrived. They haven’t seen Puss in boots all day. We cowboy camp in front of the fire station and I wake up at 2 am due to the big spot light of the moon in my face.


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