Thursday, 14 May 2015

My Gear

 So after hiking the Cleveland and Wolds Way I had a better idea of  what would be useful to me.
This book seen here <-------- was my bible and something I used everyday as I chose to rely on good old fashioned paper rather than my phone. It was published in 2010 so was slightly out of date but after looking at the other books out there I opted for this one. It was also helpful that the author Brian Johnson was also British (trail name: Ancient Brit) and had hiked the PCT several times himself so I found his advise invaluable. It weighed just under 400g which as far as contributing to my base weight it was pretty heavy and along with my journal made up my luxury items.

Here I've tried to lessen the weight but removing sections - felt pretty wrong to be ripping up a book I'd just brought.
 My pack starting to take shape ---> and my first weeks worth of food. Since I wasn't going to be posting myself resupply boxes along the route I'd be carrying everything from start to finish. Hence why in the picture below my sleeping bag looks massive - a plus to this was since my sleeping bag was so puffy and comfy I rarely used a sleeping mat.

My sleeping bag was the only one within my price range and even though it took up a third of my 40ltr back pack I was still glad I took it - even though it weighed 1.8kg or nearly 4lbs!!

That is pretty heavy for a sleeping bag for thru-hiking but I slept well every night and was never cold.

Six days worth of food which I calcualted would get me to 110 miles to Warner Springs. Consisting of...

- Cous-cous
- Dried Fruits
- Cereal Bars
- Chocolate Bars
- Biscuits (English Staple)
- Rice (which I quickly learnt did not rehedrate well cold)

That's enough right?

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