Sunday, 19 April 2015

Wolds Way Day 3

Day 3 - 14.11 miles - 22.71 km
Huggate Pub >> Robeanne BnB

Up for 8am we packed the tent, brushed our teeth using the outdoor tap and headed out. The sun was gradually warming up and we walked out of Huggate reentering the Wolds via the road and rejoining the path a little further up. Walking up one valley and scaling the along the edge of it before sailing up to the top again. We chilled half way up it and had a lengthy snack break consisting of dried fruits. We only had 16 miles to cover so we we're taking our time today. We watched the clouds pass over the Wolds and listened to the distance gas powered gun shots from a farmer land to keep pests away. We watched a yellowhammer chirp in a nearby tree and eventually returned to our walking. 

Walking on we passed a farm with dog kennels, friendly dogs barking at us. We found another curvy bench designed by an artist relating to the Wolds way. It was positioned on top of the hill overlooking Millington down below. I recognized it from a recent trip there with my Dad. Across more farmland we enter Nunburnholme and Londesborough. We had a snack break next to a church and applied more sunscreen, the April sun doing well. We headed into a farm and were greeted by 2 friendly border collies who sniffed us and bounced around playfully intrigued by our new presence on their territory. We took a late lunch of polish sausages, angel cakes and syrup cake and relaxed in a field. We were over halfway now and were able to relax a bit in the sunshine. 

Tom’s walking resembled a zombie and his face twinged with pain. I was hoping to finish the walk in four days but we would have to see how we got on.  We met a divide in the trail which lead to either Market Weighton and Goodmansie. We followed the route to Market Weighton and entered upon a fancy estate called Londesborough Estate with a groundsman and his lodge at the rear. It sadly looked run down and the keeper was out doing repairs, he smiled at us as past. We motored on through some farmers fields and walked by a fancy, old fashioned stables. 

One mile of road walking was left and we slowly arrived at Robeanne BnB. We greeted by a friendly lady who said it was £5 per person and an extra 5£ if you wanted breakfast - Done Deal. We pitch the tent and I headed off for a shower. The lady apologised due to the showers current unwashed state but I didn't care. The water was warm and it was unexpected. Once clean, I relaxed in the garden, watching the flurry legged chickens wander by and the tiny wren call out merrily. We then bimbled into Market Weighton and got a take away at the same shop that we ended the hike last year. After re-supplying we chilled in a deery pub Tom didn’t fancy walking back so we got got an expensive taxi back and went to sleep.

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