Thursday, 16 April 2015

Cleveland Way Day 6

Day 6 - 8.69mi or 30.75km
Outside Scarborough >> Filey

We end up getting up later than planned as my phone had died at some point in the night along with the alarm. We don't want to hang around for too long as we are in quite a visible spot. We can hear someone walking around outside and a figure walks by the outside of the tent. We swiftly shuffle out and disassemble the tent. Were walking by 7:45 just a man arrives at the observatory carrying telescopes and a pack lunch. We swiftly hike out and pass a man on a bench who comments positively on our choice of sleeping location. We hike by a sign pointing west which reads 48 miles to Helmsley if you are to hike west from there and not take the roundabout route which we have done. 3 miles to Scarborough it takes us just over an hour to reach the first promenade, the bin men are cruising along collecting the commercial rubbish as we arrive. We walk to the first convenience store we find and drank down deep both thirsty. Then we spot a restaurant that's selling breakfast we enter eater for a fancy meal. Joe has a standard English breakfast and I get 5 American pancakes with golden syrup, blueberries and creme fraiche. We wash our hands and face and brush our teeth in the bathroom. Walking on we take a moment to get a photo with a giant steel structure crafted by artist Ray Lonsdale. The sculpture is based upon a retired miner whom Ray befriended. The gentleman was one of the first soldiers to relive the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp at the end of WWII. The artwork represents all the normal people that were pulled out of their ordinary life and forced into very dangerous, uncertain ones during the World Wars.  

Heading round the front of Scarborough we get our Cleveland Way badge from the tourist store in anticipation of finishing later today. Having visited the castle recently we merely gaze up at it and the masses of seagulls with embedded nests which cling to the castle's lower wall. All squawking away, the young demanding attention and food. We walked through the town, passing by amusement arcades, sweet shops, ice cream stalls, traditional pubs, fish and chip cafes, boats offering rides around the harbour and emerge out the other side. Somehow not succumbing to the many offers in the seaside town. We stop to use the water taps which lined the beach and fill up gladly, please to get water for free. Then were off for the final 8 miles to Filey - 8 miles to go! Were slow to start up again our blisters causing us grief due to the extended orning pit stop but after we wrap more medical tape to our feet were away. The sun was warm and shone brightly through the coastal wind. The terrain was smooth with mild ascension.  We passed several caravan sites holiday goers enjoying the more than pleasant day for April. Then low and behold the Cleveland Way came to an end! The twin stone pillar matching it’s sibling in Helmsley. I reach out and tough the roughness of the weather worn stone, the towns of along the route have been etched into it, the names all familiar to me now having trapes into each one.
We unclip our bags, both falling to the ground with a thud, plonk ourselves down and cheer. Our journey had ended with success. An elderly man with his grandson and dog passes by us.

“You two look ready for a sleep, come far have we?” we both nod as the dog sniffs at our sweat infused backpacks and they shuffle onward.

We remain still for the moment, pleased not to crunching down miles, not to be moving at all, our feet enjoy the sea breeze enveloping them.

After a while we take the necessary photos and gingerly pace around the rock our bags still forgotten in the grass. Eventually we bimble down into the campsite which is kindly positions between the finish and the town and get a pitch for 13£. After pitching the tent we walk into town without our bags Bliss! I feel so light on my feet, I feel like I could skip but hold off. Inside the large food shop we get some grub and buy a disposable BBQ and collect our final stamp. The stamp site has closed and won’t reopen till 10am which will be too late for Tom and I to hang around tomorrow.  I see movement inside and tap on the door for immediate attention. The person to answer our call doesn’t work there but is a friend of the owner who kindly stamps our passports, blowing the dust off her stamper. Even though we had missed a few stamps, we now had a enough to qualify for the certificate.
Deciding to treat ourselves further since our brunch earlier we buy lamb burgers, cheese flavoured by red onion and a cider and ale each - long waited for since our fail at Kildale. We eat down heartily as the sun slowly sets on out tent.

We finally shower. Mine is exceptionally hot and very long. I spend about 20 minutes inside. Washing my hair, scrubbing my dirt engrained feet, brushing my teeth and for 75% of the time just merely standing under the hot flowing water. I know it was a tad wasteful but I like to think that over the past 6 days I had accumulated a water tab of which I was owed. We were asleep for half 9. Nothing would keep us from our slumber having both been fed well, heated by hot showers and able to relax having completed our task. Even if I still had another 80 miles to go….  

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