Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Cleveland Way Day 5

Day 5 - 19.11mi or 30.75km
Outside Whitby >> Outside Scarborough

A light breeze ruffles the tent, drying off the remaining drops of condensation. I watch the blue folds take the minor strains of tension, sunlight embellishing us in warmth. Joe is still asleep, the daily routine of going to sleep at night fall and rising with the sun moulding me into a good little hiker. I gently crawl out the temporary structure and stare out into horizon to where the sea ends. Under thirty miles to go. If we hit our target of around 20 today then tomorrow would be a welcomed easy end and we would meet Tom the following day. Tom was tagging in as he had a mini personal goal of his own to complete the Wolds Way. Last year Tom, his girlfriend and I had attempted it and failed after the first day - due to ill-planning, too much weight and wearing brand new gear. I hope that this second round in the Wolds would be different.
The tent spot was a lovely little place and had been used by previous dwellers as other signs of human were littered here and there, another man-made fire lingered near the edge. Even though it’s technically illegal to camp outside of commercial spots it’s nice to know that others have the desire to wild camp despite the possible implications of doing so. It was completely devoid of any coastal wind which was amazingly welcomed and the sun was shining warming me up.I caught up on my journal having a banana and cereal bar for breakfast. I heard movement from inside the tent and saw signs of life from Joe. He shimmed out the small door and waved before laying back down again and ogled out to sea.
We set off just before 9 still pleased with the nights sleeping arrangements and that we didn’t pay to sleep in the campsite - our silver lining I guess. On we went the sea on our left, mainland on our right.
We followed the contours of the land and ins and outs of the uneven cliff, the ups and downs. The sun kept on shining and we headed down into Robin Hood's bay. Re-entering civilisation we wandered the shops and enjoyed ice cream. We got out 7th stamp and bimbled down to the beach. We’d been to the Bay a year ago and made our way through the underground river which flows onto the beach. The town itself was heavily involved with smuggling particularly in the 18th century and apparently there is a collection of subterranean passageways linking the houses.
A local man flagged us down seeing that were obviously hikers and invited us into his shop which specialised in making personalise completion plagues, mostly wooden with engraved names and dates revolving around the Coast to Coast hike which ends in the Bay. It begins in Cumbria and is 192 miles or 309 km long. One of the more popular hikes in Britain.  We buy some fruit and laugh at the hand written sign: Due to a very naughty blackbird apples and pears are now inside -x-
We paused to apply more sunscreen and continued along back out into the brief wilderness of England. We find an awesome looking alcove with a rivers flowing down to the sea. We followed off the trail and washed out pants and socks and hung them out to dry on our backpacks. I have a little tinkle and Joe shouts there's people approaching. I think he’s crying wolf at first and continue, then I hear footsteps coming down the path. I stop instantly and hoke my trousers back up trying to appear natural. The couple walk by ignoring us completely. We walked until we stop for lunch on top of a crumbling cement bunker. There are loads of these dotted along the coast and this one is slowly becoming one with the water down below. We have our lunch consisting of  ham sandwiches in thick white bread which doritos crushed inside. We continued our hike, halfway to Scarborough and crunch down the miles. We have a lazy break on the path itself and almost nod off, only to wake to an elderly couple, the lady of which commended me making a stand and not walking. I chuckled thinking of what she would say if she knew what I was preparing for this summer.  We follow the trail and I see a little movement up ahead. A snake is slowly making its way over the grassy walk-way. It freezes when we approach it. We've never seen a snake in the wild in the UK before so watch in awe as the mini beast resumes it wiggle and disappears into the bush. We google what it is when we get a signal and it turns out to be an Adder, Britain's only poisonous snake.

Were 11 miles from Scarborough and have just ascended up into Ravenscar. The sun begins to fade and a distance white cloud begins to make it’s way inland. We keep our distance from the white body but the temperature noticeable drops. We drop down into a valley and have a snack inside it, a waterfall 4 meters high falls into the rocky beach below. Were about 6 miles from Scarborough and debate paying 33£ for a hotel or camp? Pros of getting a room, we don’t have to put the tent up, we’ll be inside, we can get showers. Cons - we have to have another 6 miles and would get for gone 10pm. By the time we would have gotten there we would have probably just go to bed and not really appreciate it so we decided to camp and will organise somewhere on our last night with showers tomorrow. We walk on and slowly but surely we can see Scarbrough on the horizon getting closer. We stop 2 miles short and as the sunsets and pitch our tent. Were on the cliff next to an observatory for the coast guard. Inside the tent we relax and begin to warm up listening to The Hobbit soundtrack.

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