Friday, 6 March 2015

Bimbling around Bukhansan, South Korea

Well I was aiming to summit Baegundae but sadly didn't make it that far. 
I'd left it too late in the day to get there and back and my black boots weren't adapting well to the stomped down icey paths so I ended up just having a bimble around the national park. 

It was still pretty snowy or rather icey in places, the winter weather lingering on here a lot longer than in Japan - it felt a lot, lot, lot colder here, even in central Seoul in comparison to the mountainous region of Nagano and Yudanaka, the wind bite into my face harsher here.

Even though I didn't make it to the tallest peak which stands at 800m I was still pleased with this view over Seoul.

There were a lot of pro looking hikers all marching along wielding hiking poles and designer clothes. One woman glared horrified at my choice of footwear :p

Midway work out, not a bad exercise station.

Once out of the National Park I headed back to my hostel along a sweet little river walk. Inside the city this waterside walkway was a lovely way to get about without heading into traffic or cyclists or just being able to avoid the overload of people.

I followed it has far as it would take me until it disappeared shyly under a road. I paused to think about following it, the water surrounding the entrance way shallow enough for my boots to dip into without getting soaked. So off I went under the roadway in pursuit of drain adventure....