Monday, 16 February 2015

Kyoto Trail - Mount Daimonji

 Started off with a little sight seeing.

 Philosopher's Path

 Ginkakuji Temple
Free Food!!

 Hadn't planned on walking up into the Kyoto Trail, my curiosity had lead me and my feet had followed. Since I'd started my day in a hurry I'd forgotten my camera and only had my phone - short on power. The walk up was amazingly tranquil. The path wasn't really a path as its was completely blanketed in fallen leaves and crumbling stone. A group of happy hikers pass me bowing their heads, smiling and saying Konnichiwa as we pass by one another. 
I followed a waterfall halfway up and found a stone engraved in monk scriptures. I continued to gain height, the trees here are so tall and mostly ever greens and they smell so fresh and good to me. I wish I could recognize plants and trees better even if these trees differ from one in the UK.

 I pause briefly to watch and listen to a woodpecker creating the only noise around me. Soon I reach the little summit and relax over the hazy view over Kyoto. It's surrounded by large hills on either side and the sun blazes down from above. I sit and relax for a bit, chilling in the heat. It thankfully keeps me warm as I begin to cool after my ascent.

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