Saturday, 12 July 2014

Beach Hobos, Greece

After a day of driving we arrive in the late afternoon at a mini rocky beach. It appears that we aren't the only people on road trips here as mini camper vans of bronze tanned Italians roll up and a French couple appear. We go for a dip and the temperature is perfect after a days worth of Sun blazing down on the water.

We snorkel around the shallow depths seeing the local wildlife before swimming out to the two concrete gate ways into the port.

After an afternoon of swimming and snorkelling we suddenly realise how hungry we are and bang out the mini stoves. Pasta and vegetables in a tomatoes sauce, life is good :).

Since there's a little village within walking distance, a headboard to rinse the sea salt off and no one to tell us to leave we decided to sleep there and I sleep like a beast! Even though it was the world cup final, the town hushes by 11pm and we all fall into a welcomed slumber.