Monday, 7 July 2014

Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

 Heading towards the Bay of Kotor we arrived in the evenings twilight and had a brief wander inside the walls of the medieval town before settling down for the night. We'd chosen to kip in an empty carpark ready to head up to the castle of Saint John when the morning came.
 There was a small fee to be paid to go up, however the Gateman did not have enough change as we were the first visitors to head up before the morning heat struck. So we agreed to pay on our way down - upon which my sister went to pay and was confused to be greeted by a hand shake from the Gateman who said due to our honesty he'd give us the visit for free - made my day! :D

It was a steady walk up the mountains side as the developing views to our right were impressive.
We were rather glad we decided to walk up before midday heat reached it peak.

We decided to cool off in the sea before driving onto our next location. We found a decent spot and swam in front of a derelict hotel which had helpful ladders down in to the sea ♥