Friday, 27 June 2014

Lake Bohinj is cold... - Slovenia

 I love this view, it's amazing! 

 Whilst in Slovenia we'd decided to check out the national park which surrounded lake Bled. Then we decided to drive on and visit the lesser known lake behind it - lake Bohinj. This was definitely worth it as it was partially deserted. We set up a mini camp and have a very disorganized lunch all revolving around toast. 
 Then we all decided it was good idea to go swimming.....

 It was not a good idea to do swimming...:p haha even though it was June the water certainly didn't feel summery and then it started to rain.
 Least nothing like a cup of tea or beer to warm us up again.

 We had a quick flick through the guide book to see what else was near and saw a waterfall was a few miles away. We pack up and return to Oyo only to see she's got a parking ticket. We hadn't seen any signs about parking and the whole thing was in Slovenian apart from a tiny sentence at the bottom saying that - we had to pay at the Visitors Center. We pocket it the warning and zoom off towards the waterfall.

 It's about it 2€ to enter and we ascend following a fast flowing river. The source of its ferociousness is reveal when we get to the top. The water blast coming off the waterfall is immense and it whips a cold wind across our faces. We can only go so close and on the other side I see a series of caves and hidden paths reminding me of Lord of the Rings. If I were on the opposite side I would definitely be checking them out to see where they lead.