Thursday, 22 May 2014

The calm after the epic thunder storm, France

There was an epic thunder storm in the night and I mean epic. The ones where lightning flashes, blinding you momentarily and then the thunder sounds almost simultaneously like a drum of the gods. Then there was the rain which pretty much washed everything away with ease. Of course it had cleared away the humidity that had been hanging around and made way for the sun to come out.

The trails are marked out by these stripes of colour which lead the way.

Yep the rain definitely came down hard in the night, our path was meant to go across here but obviously we didn't and take an alternative route. It was all impressive to see and the water must have been higher that morning as the surrounding plants had succumb and bowed down to the wayward flow of the river.

As we left I spotted this desolate hut standing alone in this welcoming field. I bet the stars are easy to see at night here, especially as the nearby town turns the street lights out at 11pm. It seems like a very peaceful place to be in the French countryside.