Monday, 14 April 2014

Wedding photographer for the day and missing my flight home

One of my best friends got married in Denmark and asked me to be the wedding photographer for the day. It was a beautiful day and I have never been so exhausted as a photographer - ever - in my life!
Was fantastic though and good chance to push myself.

She got married on Areo Island which was a stunning location and could not have asked for better spring weather. I flew from London to Copenhagen, got a 2h train and a ferry to arrive at the secluded spot. 

On the morning of the wedding one of the bridesmaids and I decided to go for a morning swim which was pretty exhilarating during April in the north sea.

The wedding was a simple ceremony with only close family and friends. I did my best to not get in everyone's way as I was trigger happy. After the vows and giving of rings we wandered around the small village looking for suitable wedding backdrops. Luckily the area had plenty and made my life  easier.

Afterwards we had the wedding meal at a local restaurant. It had been a lovely day and I took a moment to disappear into the surroundings hills to allow myself some solitude.

Later that evening we drank and got extremely merry. The next day was my flight home and everybody was staying another night. Unfortunately I read the ferry time table wrong and missed my connecting ferry for my connecting train to get my flight. Alas it worked out in my favour as I was able to spend the day in Copenhagen with everyone. Which we mainly spent in Christiania.

I slept in the airport and got a new flight home at 7am feeling cheerful and content.