Friday, 18 December 2009

Lose Hill in the edge of Winter, Peak District

Completely adore the Peak District! Having done part of my Duke of Edinburgh there and then living in Sheffield which is only a train rides away I tried to get there as often as I could.

Spot the Tent^

We got the train to Edale from Sheffield and headed in direction of Lose hill. It wasn't peak winter season but felt close enough to be, the brisk wind blowing directly into our faces.

We ascended at a decent pace and only took just under an hour to reach the top, both nicely warmed up by then. The views from the top were amazing in every direction, it didn't matter where you looked, the blues skies over crisp, powdery, white hills rolling in everywhere pleased me to no end. We followed the path of stone slabs and went up and down along the peak towards Lose Hill, the highest point.

And what goes up goes down. The day was coming to an early end due the winter solstice being close so we continued walking and headed home via Hope valley train station, the sun now setting over a beautiful day well spent.

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